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What is it?
CBD is a chemical derived from hemp. Our CBD is derived from industrial hemp that is grown in Switzerland and or the United Sates. It contains less than .3 psychoactive materials and is distributed as a food product only.

The hemp plant is refined down by chemical processing and producing a very pure extract that is then stabilized into a food product.

Where does it come from?
We receive crystalline CBD from France refined from argricultural hemp. The hemp is grown in Sweden. Additional molecular distillation to purify the product even further is performed in our lab. Then the product must go threw testing locally by PSI labs.

Who uses it?
CBD is being used by all age populations. Even seniors have been consuming it for many years. Many people have used it to help treat ailments according to Dr. Sanjay Gupta, however no scientific data has proven this under proper FDA channels. There is a very famous story that Dr. Gupta has discussed in a made for TV, CNN channel special.

CBD is being consumed across the globe in dozens of countries, particularly in Europe and Asia. The product is growing fast in usage by first wavers and by physicians in some countries. In the USA, the product has yet to officially be recognized as anything other than food.

It has also been given to animals by many people, however no scientific claims can be made about its impact as of yet as a treatment.

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